Sullvan Dog is a character that first appeared in The Pilot.

Appearence Edit

Gumbapedia Fanon Wikia Edit

In the Gumbapedia Fanon Wikia, He is a blue dog with a round, circle head with three peices of hair on it. He also has a small oval-shaped body, and small arms with triangular hands. He has a small tail and legs and feet that are all black sick figure-like-legs. He has large eyes with a small tiny dot-like nose. He has a long mouth with his upper lip being visible.

In season two in the Gumbapedia Fonon Wikia, he gets a redesign. His head became slightly bigger, and his fur became darker. His mouth also changed a bit.

In later season two, and season 3 in the Gumbapedia Fanon Wikia, he got a redesign once again. He obtained his Season 1 design, but his head became smaller, and his body became bigger.

Gumball Final Fantasy Edit

When he obtains a certain Powerful element, he gains a new appearance. Half of his head becomes black, similar to a mask. He obtains a black, sun-like, shape on his body, and, an odd flower petal-like design on his back. The most noticeable change to him is that his hands become a glowing, white, light which gives him the ability to fly, and a spikier tail. His pupils also become yellow.

After Budar takes control of him, He gets a new appearance. He becomes darker, and he gains an eyepatch. His skull is replaced with an endoskeleton (Creepy, huh?) but it's only noticed when he exploded in the explosion, and had a bunch of holes, and tears on his body. His ear showed his endoskeleton, with wires coming out of it. He also has a pirate hook for a hand that can change into a Drill, a knife, and a sword.

Agentpman1 Wikia (Which is here lol.) Edit

Not much changed here, Except that he became lighter.

Personality Edit

Gumbapedia Fanon Wikia Edit

Sullvan Dog has a smart personality, similar to Fireball. Originally, he had a fear of humans. As a matter of fact, he was scared of everything. He had a similar personality to Courage The Cowardly Dog's. In Season 2, he no longer fears humans, and he became smarter, and more strict. In Season 3 he became more rude, and started to trick people into doing something, and getting money from doing it.

Gumball Final Fantasy Edit

When he obtains a certain gem, he gets the ability to fly, and slow down time with a single spin.

Agentpman1 Wikia (Which, again, is here lol.) Edit

Sullvan is only a little bit strict, and more lazy.